A brief list of instances where Sushi Junction has been featured in the Press and other media.

  • Renowned Food Critic Ms Marryam H Reshii had to say about Sushi Junction. (website)
  • Pawan Soni, founder of Indian Food Freak and well known food reviewer posted a review about Sushi Junction on the Paperblog.
  • 朗報です!!!グルガオン最大の食のアワード、「Big F Award」のBest Online Food Delivery部門で、審査員賞を受賞しました!!!
    Sushi Junction was awarded the Jury Choice Award for, "Best Online Food Delivery Model" by the Gurgaon Food Freak community at The Big F Awards | Gurgaon 2016 (
    Winners for best online delivery model at the Big F Awards
  • Sushi Junction was featured by Japanese TV Channel BS1 on the rise of Japanese cuisine in India. It was broadcast on Japan's largest TV Network, NHK World. (
    NHK Feature on Sushi Junction
  • Mamix, a notable Japanese #expat #blogger from #Gurgaon reviewed our #Sushi #Party Platter. Here's her blog post.
    デリーNCRでは知る人ぞ知るブログ、「インド道を極める」のMamixさんが、Sushi Junctionについてブログを書いてくださっていました!素敵なホームパーティーでご利用いただき、有難うございました!
  • The renowned #Japanese #Blogger Blue Lotus has reviewed the Party Platter by Sushi Junction. (Link to Blog)
    有名ブロガーBlue Lotusさんに、Sushi Junctionのパーティープラターを試した頂いた様です!ブログ、是非ご覧くださいませ!
  • Sushi Junction's "Sushi Cake" featured on Little Black Book Delhi
  • Here's what Mr Ranojoy Mukerji wrote about Sushi Junction in his article titled, "Reinventing Gastronomy" published in the DLF High 5 Magazine.
  • Sushi Junction received high praise for catering Japanese expat's drumming club party in Gurgaon, here's an account by blogger Ms Kayo Osumi on her blog.