Your First Sushi!

Unlike common perception, Sushi is much more than just cold rice and raw fish. It's a traditional Japanese dish with a rich history. Contemporary sushi is made of 3 major ingredients.
  • Shari - Japanese vinegared rice (more sticky than basmati rice and short grained) - It has a slightly tangy and faintly sweet flavour.
  • Nori - Sheet of dried Seaweed. Many people think that the dark outer covering on sushi is non-vegetarian. It is actually edible seaweed paper, which is totally vegetarian and is made from the Pyropia seaweed. Its taste may be described as salty, reminding one of seafood.

  • Fillings - These are usually raw seafood and vegetables. But can also be totally vegetarian, like a combination of crunchy vegetables like cucumber or asparagus and cream cheese or avocado.
Sushi is accompanied by three condiments
  • Shoyu - Soya sauce
  • Gari - Pickled ginger, a palate cleanser that is eaten when having different flavours of sushi.
  • Wasabi - It tastes like hot mustard with strong pungent aroma. It adds contrast, removes the smell of fish and also brings out it’s flavour.

Here's a good way of eating Sushi. No chopsticks required!
What to order?
If you are a non-vegetarian, we recommend you try the California Roll. It consists of Crab stick, melt-in-mouth flying fish roe, buttery avocado, crunchy cucumber and creamy mayonnaise. This international sushi roll is a sure winner when introducing someone to sushi.

It was invented by a very innovative Japanese Chef in 1960s in California, US, in order to make sushi more appealing to the American palate. He made the rolls with the rice outside and nori-sheet inside (since Americans were not used to nori) . In fact, it opened them up to try more authentic Japanese sushi and contributed to the spread of sushi internationally.
Don't wish to have seafood? Then try the Chicken Tori Karage (Fried Chicken) with Kabayaki sauce.
Here's our complete sushi menu.
Vegetarian? Then try the Veg California Roll -  Vegetarian version of the famous California Roll, it is equally crunchy and creamy. Made from Cucumber, Avocado, Asparagus, Carrot and Creamy Philadelphia cheese
Or try one of our signature vegetarian rolls, the Signature Veg Red Dragon Roll. It consists of asparagus, tempura flakes, cucumber, topped with chopped green onion and tomato with spicy mayo.
Here's our complete vegetarian sushi menu.
Being the only Japanese food delivery business in Delhi NCR that is run by actuall Japanese, we feel it is our duty to represent our culture the best we can. We are eagerly waiting for your order :)
Just in case you were wondering whether it's safe to get sushi, "delivered" at home. We assure you, that the highest hygiene standards are maintained by Sushi Junction when it comes to food procurement and preparation. 
We are one of the first restaurant's with a 5 Star Hygiene Rating on Zomato, through audits carried out by Equinox Labs.