Salad, Dimsum & Curry Bento

Set box comprising of;

  • Spicy Potato and Khimchi Salad
  • Chicken Siu Mai Dimsusms/Cantonese Veg Dimsums
  • Chicken Red Thai Curry/Veg Red Thai Curry with Sticky Rice
  • Chicken Karage

Terms & Conditions for Order

  • Minimum order of 10 boxes (ご注文は10個以上から承ります)
  • Order must be placed 48 hrs in advance
  • 40% advance payment
  • A formal email with details of point of contact sent to .
  • If the order is cancelled within 36 hrs before delivery, then no refund is allowed, if the cancellation is anytime before 36 hrs before delivery, the client is eligible for full refund.
  • We allow a couple of extra condiments with bulk orders but if the requirement of extra condiment is more than 4, then the charges will be applied accordingly which is Rs. 5 for sauce and Gari, Wasabi and Rs. 2 for chopsticks and spoons.

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