"Thaw & Serve Sushi" for Hotel, Restaurant & Bar

Introducing our original Thaw and Serve Sushi for hotels, restaurants & bars. Using a patented food production method, we are the only ones in India supplying delectable, "Thaw and Serve Sushi".

Frozen Sushi

Thawed Sushi

Thaw & Serve Sushi (Supplied and Stored Frozen):

  • California Non Veg Roll
  • Spicy Crab Roll
  • Prawn Tempura Roll
  • Teriyaki Chicken Roll
  • California Veg Roll 

Distribution City:

  • Delhi 
  • Gurgaon

No Requirement for Experienced Chef or Special Equipment

  • Unless you serve sushi as a prime attraction of your menu, hiring a sushi chef and maintaining stock and equipment for sushi can be a costly affair!
  • With frozen "Thaw and Serve Sushi", anyone who can operate a microwave and plate sushi pieces can help you serve sushi at your restaurant. No need for hiring experienced sushi chef!

No Wastage and Long Shelf Life

  • Regular sushi has to be served immediately once cooked. Thaw and Serve Sushi can be kept in freezer for two months.

Additional Profit and New Customer

  • Since sushi is a starter and an exotic dish that won't cannibalize sales of items on your existing menu. You can earn additional profit.
  • Sushi demand is growing rapidly in India, and you can attract many new customers without heavy investment.

More Combo Varieties

  • You can make any combination from 1 pc each. Generally Sushi is served from 4pcs of the same varieties (Chef has to make one complete long roll and cut pieces from it). With Thaw & Serve Sushi, you can make 4pc combos, 1pc each from the different varieties on offer.

Sushi Junction is the only Japanese run Sushi delivery service in Delhi NCR. Founded in Tokyo in 2015, we are running three delivery and take out kitchens across Delhi NCR as well as serving to corporate and private parties.

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