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Extreme Sushi Challenge!

Regular price ₹ 100

Take Sushi Junction's extreme sushi challenge and get 20% discount on your next order. (Only for orders paid for online, not COD)

All you have to do is record your reaction as you finish a Wasabi Typhoon or a Ghost Pepper sushi. Post it on Instagram, and tag @sushijunction. Best reactions each day will receive a 20% flat discount coupon for their next order. (Min. order must be Rs 500)

The Extreme Sushi Pack consists of 2 Pieces of Wasabi Typhoon roll and 2 Pieces of Ghost Pepper Roll. Both vegetarian roll consisting of, Cucumber, Avocado, Asparagus, Carrot and Creamy Philadelphia cheese along with their respective extreme ingredients!

We are also giving away an extreme sushi pack complimentary with each party platter. Just choose the option with Extreme Sushi while placing your order.

Warning: Please note that these sushi rolls contain extreme amount of wasabi and ghost pepper sauce. If you are sensitive to spices or have medical conditions related to digestive system or breathing, it is advised you avoid this challenge.